Our meals are simple, good tasting, and made from authentic Danish ingredients inspired by visitors from around the world.

The café is open every day during the summer season and on weekends throughout the year. Our meals are simple, good tasting and made from authentic Danish ingredients, including fresh baked bread, our own marmelade, local coffee and Japanese tea, special beers, and organic wine.

In the café you are surrounded by original ceramic art, and a collection of antique furniture which we’ve been gathering since we arrived here.

Do you like that cup on the wall in the café? In this special space, and you can pick out your own cup to use while you're here.  If you like it and want to buy it, your beverage is included in the price.  We've got a bunch of different work to chose from.

Our café is also the showroom for all the work from our studio and we would like to encourage you to visit our gallery on the way to the studio, where you can see us making pottery and sculptures.

Are you or someone you know looking for a unique place for a special occasion? We can arrange private events in our cafe. Our kitchen features real food made from scratch from tasty ingredients. Café Tolne is a great place to spend your birthday, wedding our gathering with friends in a special way!