Tolne GGG
Kirkevej 300, 9870 Sindal

+45 98 93 29 39 (Tolne GGG)
+45 40 47 53 20 (Gregory)
+45 40 47 53 21 (Janne)

Directions to Tolne:


By Sea
From NORWAY: Take the ferry from Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Larvik, or Oslo to Hirtshals or Frederikshavn. Then take the train to Hjørring, and transfer to the DSB line towards Frederikshavn. Get off at Tolne, and you’re here.
From SWEDEN: Take the ferry from Gothenburg to Frederikshavn. Take the DSB train two stops towards Aalborg, to Tolne, and you’re here.

By Air
From AALBORG: AAL is the closest airport to Tolne. After arrival, take the number 2 bus to Aalborg Station, and take the train north to Tolne (9 zones) towards Frederikshavn.
From COPENHAGEN: CPH is the major international airport in Denmark. Try to get a connecting flight to Aalborg (AAL)

By Train
From COPENHAGEN: Take the DSB train direct from Copenhagen airport to Tolne (6 hours, nice view of the landscape).
From FREDERIKSHAVN: Take the Train to Tolne.
From HIRTSHALS: Walk to train station Hirtshals (Colorline) or Lilleheden (Fjordline), and take the blue train to Hjørring. Don’t forget to push the button on the platform so the train stops for you! Transfer to the DSB line towards Frederikshavn. Get off at Tolne, and you’re here!

By Car:
By Motorway Take EU 45 north from Germany through Kolding, Århus, and Aalborg to Hjørring or Frederikshavn. Turn towards the town you’re not in, and look for signs to Tolne!

By Bicycle:
There are bike paths next to the major roads to Tolne, and free camping along the way!