Being at Tolne Gjæstgivergaard is a chance to get back to basics, to be inspired, to create and to relax.

Do you love ceramics? Are you a master of electric and gas firing? Have you been working together for a while in a group, and are looking for new experiences and sources of inspiration? Why not reserve a special week or weekend for your group of 8 to 12 persons to deepen your skill set at Tolne Gjæstgivergaard? It is a chance to work together with new materials, techniques and firings in a focused, interesting way, with great food in a relaxed setting.  We speak Danish, German, English, and Japanese, and love having people from all over the world visit us.

You can gain new understandings of clay materials and glazes, by making special firings using salt, soda, and wood.  At Tolne Gjæstgivergaard, the is lodging and studio space for 10 to 14 ceramic course members.  The workshop is well equipped, and we have diverse clay bodies, slips, glazes, and firing techniques. It’s also possible to invite an international instructor that you’re interested in, to present about topics that you’re specifically interested in, like luster firing, plaster mould making, or woodfired raku.

Your hosts at Tolne Gjæstgivergaard:
Janne Hieck was apprentice and journeyman in Germany, prior to taking her Master Potter certification from the Keramik School at Landshut. She has an interest in earthenware, soda, and wood fired pottery.  She spends a lot of time working with glazes and clay combinations, occasionally leads workshops internationally, and has exhibited widely
Gregory Hamilton Miller studied in Minnesota, where he got interested in Hamada Shoji, and met Warren MacKenzie, prior to moving to Mashiko, Japan, where he was an apprentice to Hamada's student Shimaoka Tatsuzo. While there, he developed a love for Japanese ceramics and community. He is interested in slip glazing, raw firing, salt, and wood firing.  Gregory has lectured, exhibited and taught widely around the world, and also leads tours to ceramic communities in Japan.


Around Tolne Gjæstgivergaard is possible to explore a range of different places, while you dig deep down into what interests you in clay. Local ceramic studios in Tolne, Skagen, Tornby and Lonstrup are known throughout Scandinavia as great destinations for ceramic collectors, you can also visit interesting museums like Herregaard Odden, Vendsyssel Kunst Museum, and Skagen’s Museum.

You´ll stay in unique and charming rooms with special details, bed linens and towels, fresh flowers, original ceramic art, and a selection of antique furniture. Shared personal showers and toilets are available for you. Meals are simple, good tasting and made from authentic Danish ingredients, including woodfired bread, our own marmalade, great coffee and tea, special beers, and organic wine.