Ruthanne Tudball Workshops, Summer 2019 Tolne Gjæstgivergaard

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Ruthanne Tudball grew up in California, and then moved to England where she has been living and working as a ceramic artist for more than four decades. Self taught, she has worked tirelessly to understand and teach about the process of soda vapour glazing, and published a book on the topic, ”Soda Glazing” in 1995. Ruthanne’s thrown work is vital and engaging, and she works to complete throwing, and all of her forms, even teapots, in one go on the wheel. This sense of immediacy and presence imbues her forms with an unquousness which belies the excitement that is ever present in the formal and surface qualities of her work, balancing between the rawness of fresh clay, and the uncertainty of soda glazes.

During her workshop at Tolne Gjæstgivergaard, Ruthanne will make a presentation of the development of her techniques, particularly throwing, faceting, and making surface textures on her pieces. Later in the week, she will demonstrate how to assemble more complex forms, such as teapots and work with extra attachments. Work can be soda fired with Ruthanne at the end of the workshop, and a small exhibition of Ruthanne’s work from England will be on display and for sale throughout the event. A one day workshop is also planned for Saturday, June 6th, with the unloading of the firing at the conclusion of the event.

Week long workshop, inclusive lunches, materials, and firing, 3600dkr.

All inclusive lodging (double room) inclusive breakfast/dinners, 2400dkr

One day workshop, Saturday, July 6th, incl. lunch 675dkr

Spar Nord Bank 9067 konto nr. 4564902972

IBAN nr. DK4790674564902972 SWIFT adr. : SPNODK22

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